Corporate Programs

Programs allow you to integrate all of the facilities within your company on a global scale, creating more efficient processes to track the redeployment and sale of your surplus equipment. Programs are ideal for clients with multiple facilities and are 100% self funded from sales proceeds. 

3 Ways to Optimize Your Corporate Program Results


1. SELL ASSETS is the largest online venue in the world for buying and selling surplus equipment. Our proactive sales and marketing efforts allow us to target the right buyers for your equipment at the best prices. Plus, our Value-Based Sales Model recommends which sales channel is right for your timeframe and your inventory.

value based sales model



Whether it’s a facility closure, a facility reorganization, or simply a few excess items, EquipNet will manage the sales process while you maximize cash value recovered. Our knowledgeable team of project managers ensures efficient, cost-effective clearance.



Our corporate clients are able to gain visibility across their organizations using EquipNet’s proprietary equipment tracking software (known as our Asset Redeployment Management System or ARMS).

ARMS is a web-based secure software program that facilities can use to post, track, find, redeploy, buy and sell equipment. Clients can easily determine the success of their efforts by analyzing cost savings through redeployments and revenue generated through sales. Companies that exclusively use EquipNet for their asset disposition needs can see $2M to $10M in previously unidentified funds per year.

Programs and Equipment Tracking Software (ARMS) are 100% Self-Funded

Contact us to find out more about our corporate program and our Corporate Sales Team will reach out shortly to answer your questions!


EquipNet’s Corporate Clients gain access to our Equipment Tracking Software (ARMS), our sales channels, and our expert equipment specialists. They also have access to all additional equipment management services that EquipNet provides.