Site Closures and Projects

EquipNet has spent the better part of two decades managing hundreds of site closures and projects. We understand how to manage sensitive timelines, the market, the industry, and the end users/buyers of your surplus equipment. Based on your project scope and timeframe, we’ll recommend the best sales plan to sell-through your assets to the right buyers, at the best price.

How a closure/project works:

Work with EquipNet to solidify project goals, timeline, and assets to be included.

EquipNet onsite equipment specialists complete a thorough assessment of value for each asset.

EquipNet will determine best asset disposition plan based on the equipment, scope, and client goals. The plan will be presented to you for approval prior to initiation.

EquipNet will implement global proactive sales and marketing strategy to sell assets.

EquipNet’s Value-Based Sales Model (VBSM)

Need guidance deciding on the best project plan? EquipNet’s VBSM suggests the right channel for your assets based on their value and your timeframe.
value based sales model

Note: Your assets can start in any channel you choose and can move through the channels as it gets closer to your project deadline.

Interested in site closure or project management services?

Contact our Corporate Sales Team today and we’ll reach out within one business day to learn more about your project scope and timeline.


From worldwide logistics management to appraisal and sourcing, EquipNet provides the full spectrum of asset management services.